iTimeTable is smart

We believe that every school schedule can be generated automatically when we have the right algorithm. Ask our customers.

ITimeTable compose the schedule and shows itself, especially if the problem is really difficult, which is often:

  • half hours
  • groups combined from different classes and/or years
  • elective subject of several kinds
  • special courses for subgroups
  • individual requirements
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iTimeTable is different

ALGiT TimeTable is different from other software. Competition is offering tools where YOU have to do all the hard work, while we are offering you a tool, which calculates the timetable ITSELF. You just have to enter data and demands, and the school schedule software will use its unique evolutionary artificial intelligence, to calculate the optimal timetable ITSELF, without human assistance.

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Primary Schools, High Schools, Universities


We believe in automating everything, including automation.

100% automatic calculation of the schedule is only a consequence.



Evolutionary artificial intelligence is capable of calculating schedule in even the most complicated cases.

Ask our users.



ALGiT iTimeTable

iTimeTable is the best concept of school schedule. Is an optimal solution for your school.

Your job is data and requirements entry.


Compact and optimal schedule allows savings.

Leave iTimeTable software that calculates, you have better things to do.



Your problems are our challenge

  • Everyday changes
  • Too much administration work
  • Overcrowding
  • Nobody for substitution, while schedule is busy
  • Unequally burdened teachers
  • Unsatisfied parents and students
  • Poor distribution of timetable
  • Too much students’ transfers
  • Elective subjects with approximation
  • How and where to save

Primary school  Franceta Prešerna Maribor

Algorithm enables a lot of flexibility, using different criteria weights and extra demands. This way we can get the “ideal” timetable for the current situation.

The software also works on multiple computers simultaneously and searches for optimal solutions.

Boštjan Strnad

Biotehniška šola Maribor – High School

The main advantage of this software is that after the input of “boundary conditions”, iTimetable will automatically calculate the schedule. It is difficult to describe all the possibilities because there are a lot of them. I can only recommend it and assure you that you will be satisfied with this software.

Anton Krajnc, Principal

Primary school Koseze

iTimetable has proven to be the best timetabling system we have been using so far. Only teachers, subjects and classrooms were taken into consideration before the implementation of iTimetable. Now we can also add elective subjects, students that take part in those courses, merge students by sex from different classes in physical education, separate students in subjects such as Technics and technology and Household, etc.

Maja Mujkić in Amalija Stiplovšek

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See a comparison of the results  iTimeTable, gp_Untis and schooltime.

Comparison of schedules